The London OSC since 1966

President: Kevin Cummins
Life Hon. Vice President: David Bernstein
Chair: Tina Robertson

The branch organises tickets to games, group travel, sports and social events. These are outlined below

Match Travel
We run train trips, where possible, to all City home and away games except those in London and those with a kick off time which means it is impossible to get back to London! We are able to get reduced cost travel through our membership APFSCIL.

Sports Teams
We have thriving sports teams for darts, quiz, pool and football – these teams are always crying out for new blood!

Match Tickets
We do ask that members are either Seasoncard or Cityzen Card holders in order to get tickets through the Branch. All new members must be put on our database before they can order tickets through the branch and we are unable to let non-members or those who do not hold a Season- or Cityzen Card- apply for tickets. Please note that all League ticket applications have to be submitted to the Supporters Club/Ticketstore SIX weeks before the fixture. For any Cup games (whether domestic or European), we must have any requests submitted to me via e-mail or branch mobile, no later than 48 hours after the relevant Draw is made due to limited timescales available for Cup fixtures. Please also note that no tickets are guaranteed for any fixture.

Due to the widespread nature of the London Branch we only have meetings when there is an important issue to be discussed (an EGM) or at our AGM normally held in the close season. We do try to have a social evening where we can get someone from the Club but this does prove somewhat difficult! We also try and gather together to watch City on TV at the Horseshoe in Farringdon - if members have e-mail addresses we do send out any social information via this medium. Please note that we will normally send a weekly “CAPACITY/COMPLICITY” – branch info email detailing any match or train ticket news.

Please contact if you want to know more or you can download a membership form HERE